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Welcome to the web presentation of the "TABLE SOULTANINA GRAPES OF ZEMENO"

Surfing on this web page, you will find out the "little secrets" of a dynamic product with appealing traits (seedless, white, and tasteful); of excellent nutritional value, especially for children; highly exported; and eponymous demand in the E.U. and domestic markets within a new context of competition and globalization that imposes new methods for the security and promotion of the qualitative traits of our national products.

The cultivation of this product is based on the use of safe techniques to the user, friendly to the environment, and at the same time healthy to the consumer.

The certification according to the environmental management system ISO 14001 (the first certification for table Soultanina grapes in Greece), as well as according to the systems of integrated management AGRO2.1 and AGRO 2.2, combined with the EUREPGAP certification, gives a new dimension to the table Soultanina grapes produced by George Ginis in ZEMENO, district of CORINTH.

The activity has been sponsored by the Operational Programme "Rural Development-Reorganisation of the Countryside 2000-2006"-Axon 7, and co-sponsored by the European Orientation and Agricultural Guarantees Fund-Orientation Department.